Adorable Dog Tags

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Name tags

A dog tag is a small flat tag worn on collars or harnesses by dogs,
usually with identifying information such as the owner's telephone number so that the owner can be notified if the dog is lost.
Pet  tags were traditionally worn on a chain, rope, or collar around the dog's neck.
The resemblance of human identification tags to this method of display led to them also being called dog tags.
Some dogs wear harnesses instead of collars, so tags might be attached there instead.
Most humane societies and rescue organizations recommend that dog tags be on a buckle-type collar
rather than on a
slip collar, because the former remains more securely fastened around a dog's neck
when slipping through a fence or being held by a stranger.


Pet identification can be the difference between forever lost, and being returned to a safe, loving home.
Microchipping is the way to go for this. Some breeders chip automatically before
you even receive your puppy, and some shelters do too.
If not, you can get your pup chipped at your new vet's office.
 Proper identification helps prevent your dog from staying lost.


Adorable Dog Tags